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Ronstan 9/16" Screw-In Removable Padeye

Item #


Product Description

Ronstan 9/16" Screw-In Removable Padeye


  • A - 9/16 in.

  • B - 11/32 in.

  • C - 2 5/32 in.

  • D - 1/4 in.

  • E - in.

  • F - in.

  • B. L. - 8820 lb.

  • Weight - 10.1 oz.

    Product Information

    Removable screws-in padeyes are ideal for attaching blocks which may be removed when not in use or while cruising. A threaded plug remains in the base section when the top plates is removed to prevent dirt and grit from entering the threads.


  • Grade 316 stainless steel