Upgrade your rig with top-performing sailboat blocks by the best brands at Atlantic Rigging Supply. Sailing blocks are some of the most fundamental pieces of marine hardware, as they allow your lines to run through smoothly for fast, effective direction changes. High-performance blocks provide you with reduced friction and easier adjustment, even under high loads, for the most precise trimming ever. Atlantic Rigging Supply is available to assist you with finding the appropriate blocks for your unique needs, whether you're looking for options for your dinghy or small boat or your large yacht. Contact us today if you need one-on-one advice.


We have best-selling blocks by Harken, Ronstan, Karver, Lewmar and more in this selection. Harken blocks are available in sizes ranging from 16 millimeters for dinghies and keelboats all the way up to 200-millileter options for mechayachts. They're made from lasting materials like high-strength aluminum and stainless steel and many have Delrin ball bearings to reduce friction and allow the line to slide through the block easily. The Harken Wire High-Strength Blocks are a good choice for any boat with a high working load, especially in environments where low friction is required to carry wire halyards and control lines on boats of all sizes.

We also have many Ronstan blocks for sale at Atlantic Rigging Supply, including the popular Ronstan Core Blocks that feature a tuned, two-stage bearing system to provide excellent performance across any working load. They come in acetal and aluminum sheave options with alloy cheeks and stainless steel fixings for added durability. We also have Ronstan Core Orbit blocks, a ball bearing style block for the highest strength-to-weight ratio available. Many other Ronstan options are available in our selection as well as cutting-edge Lewmar blocks, Karver blocks, Wichard blocks and more.