Complementary Hardware

From deck staples like horn cleats and padeyes to more specialized accessories by Ronstan and Harken, Atlantic Rigging Supply is on hand to help you upgrade your marine hardware. This selection of complementary hardware includes stand-up bases, stay tensioners, drain plugs, fairleads, bushes, eyestraps, tangs, mounting brackets, piston hanks, eye rings, eye bolts and much more. You can use these high-quality yet affordable options for your deck upgrades and complete restoration projects alike. Start here if you haven't found the hardware you need in our selection of marine hardware, which includes performance basics like blocks, cleats and winches.


Need to replace essential deck components? Check out our selection of eyestraps that provide your boat with light-duty mounting bases for blocks while simultaneously serving as lash-down points. We also have padeyes in screw-in, removable styles so that you can take them out while you're not using them. Additional essentials like horn cleats are low-cost solutions for cruising and leisure applications where you need the basic, traditional cleat style for mooring, to cleat off halyards and much more. All of these parts are designed with long-lasting, marine-grade materials but are relatively affordable.

Atlantic Rigging Supply also has many sailing replacement parts that you can use to upgrade worn or broken components. For example, you can replace your access point to areas beneath the deck or behind the bulkhead with inspection hatch covers, or create a water-tight seal with our sailboat drain plugs. Miscellaneous hardware such as S-hooks, barrel swivels, sister clips, Cunningham hooks, lacing hooks and snap-on shackles are always great to have on hand, especially during long-distance cruises where it's a necessity to have backup hardware onboard. If you're unsure which type of hardware is required for your job, don't hesitate to send us an e-mail with questions.