Schaefer Series 7 Blocks

7 Series Blocks offer medium sized cruising and racing yachts Delrin™ and Delrin™ Ball Bearing sheave Blocks with a stunning combination of strength and performance. Available with highly polished Stainless Steel or Black Hardcoat Anodized Aluminum cheeks that are reinforced with large Stainless Steel V-Straps and head posts. This robust yet lightweight construction produces an exceptionally strong block built to perform well past other plastic designs. We use only the toughest, high-impact material available so you'll be sailing while others are fixing failed gear. All of our 7 Series Blocks work with convenient Universal Adapters and contain our three-way head that allows for free swiveling or front/side set positions.

Mainsheet Systems boats to 34' (10.3m)

Halyard Leads boats to 34' (10.3m)

Genoa Leads boats to 34' (10.3m)

Control Lines boats to 45' (13.7m)

7 Series Fiddle Blocks are constructed with a large diameter single sheave and dual in-line sheaves with the ability to spread oversized line over a greater surface. This high load design offers the ability to withstand the shock loads associated with Mainsheet and Boom Vang Systems. This powerful configuration prevents sheets from crossing and chafing and distributes load to three axles instead of the two seen in other block designs. Delrin™ or Delrin™ Ball Bearing sheave designs are offered with either high luster Stainless Steel or Hardcoat Anodized Aluminum cheeks. All of our 7 Series Fiddle Blocks work with our Universal Adapters. Spread the load and get control of your main