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Wichard 13/32" Diameter Allen Head Pin D Shackle

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Product Description

Wichard 13/32" Diameter Allen Head Pin D Shackle


  • Weight- 0.218 Lbs

  • Working load- 3175 Lbs

  • Breaking load- 7584 Lbs

  • A- 1 19/64 inch

  • B- 51/64 inch

  • Diameter- 25/64 inch


  • Self-locking shackle with allen head pin D forged in grade 316L stainless steel

  • The pin is locked into one of the indentations

  • The head of the pin does not stick out from the shackle body and thus eliminates any risk of snagging

  • No risks of loose due to vibrations

  • Outstanding working and breaking loads


  • Ideal to link chain and anchor

  • On the halyard, avoids to damage the sails

  • To be used when the clutter is reduced


  • Grade 316L stainless steel