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Tylaska Intrepid II 4.0

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Product Description

Tylaska Intrepid II 4.0

  • A - 1" (25.4mm)

  • B - 6.25" (159mm)

  • C - 3.8" (96mm)

    Tylaska has revived the proven and very durable Intrepid II spinnaker pole ends. Molds have been reworked, tolerances brought back to specs and problems repaired to make the Intrepid II pole ends even better than the original.

    This fitting's life began as a design for the 12-Meter Intrepid. This simple and efficient design has under-gone refinements and is still competing at the highest levels. It is the standard pole end for the IACC yachts. From maxi boats, 50 footers and the elegant Nautor's Swans, the Intrepid II has done the job. Its unique trigger and latch mechanism serves as a reliable trusted friend at the front of the boat.

    Its A356 aluminum body and investment cast 17-4 PH components make the pole end very rugged and strong. All investment cast parts are then hipped at several thousand atmospheres of pressure to produce a casting similar in strength and consistency to a forging. Made for boats from 50 feet and up, Tylaska Hardware offers a base 4" diameter with an optional delrin adapter to for the larger 4.5" spinnaker poles. Custom adapters are available.