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Tylaska T8 Half Cone Fid

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Product Description

Tylaska T8 Half Cone Fid

The cone fid allows for remote release of the Tylaska trigger shackles. A lanyard is placed thru the center hole. The double cone fids come with a retaining screw to lock the lanyard in place. The single cone fids have a recessed area to accommodate a knot.

Both fids hang from the trigger area. When the lanyard is pulled, the fids engage the trigger, releasing the shackle. The double cone fid is designed to go thru the trigger area & separate from the shackle. The single cone fid is designed to stay in the trigger area & remain with the shackle. These fids are ideal for avoiding the need to crawl out into risky locations, for single handed or night sailing.


  • Length - 1.35"

  • Hole Diameter - 0.248"

  • Line Size - 15/64"