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Spinlock TWF 63mm Organizer

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Product Description

Spinlock TWF 63mm Organizer

  • Fit a winch feeder aft of a clutch to divert lines to an alternative winch

  • Useful for leading a line from a clutch on one side to a winch on the opposite side; the transfer is done quickly and efficiently using a winch feeder sheave.

    Features and Benefits

  • Very low 25mm (1") profile keeps winch feeders safely out of the traffic

  • Two winch feeders may be linked together for a centered winch layout using crossbar accessory TWF-BAR

  • Fit retaining clip TWF-RET to keep lines safely in place if required


    Rope Range - 2mm - 12mm (3/32" - 1/2")

    Load - kg - 1000kg (lb - 2200lb)

    Max SWL - 1000kg (2200lb)

    Weight - 0.3kg (0.55lb)