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Spinlock T25 Asymmetric Deck Organizer w/ 2 Sheaves

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Product Description

Spinlock T25 Asymmetric Deck Organizer w/ 2 Sheaves

  • Small boat organizer - 25mm sheaves

  • Symmetric or Asymmetric configurations - 2 to 6 sheaves

  • Fiber-reinforced construction

  • Stainless steel ‘wear’ strip prevents local rope damage

  • Curves to follow the shape of the deck

  • Double stack with BE10/2 or /3 (see BE10 multiple range) for lowest cost stacked line solution


  • Sheave Diameter/Type - 25mm (1") composite

  • SWL per Sheave - 400kg (880lbs)

  • Total SWL per unit - No of sheaves x 200kg (440lbs)

  • Line Diameter - Up to 10mm (3/8")

  • Weight - 64g (2.2oz) for 2 sheave organizer 20g (0.7oz) per extra sheave

  • Fasteners - 2x M5 (3/16") CSK Head (not supplied)