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Spinlock Joystick Expandable Tiller Extension 39" to 47"

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Matte Black
Light Blue
Diabolo Joint

Product Description

Reduce the strain of demanding sails with the Spinlock Joystick Expandable Tiller Extension from Atlantic Rigging Supply. This high-tech tiller extension improves helming performance by providing more feedback for accurate and precise control, more mobility to help you keep the helm in the best position for optimizing visibility and trim and less fatigue to keep you focused on what's ahead. This option is smaller than the Spinlock Asymmetric and features a slimmer grip, making it a popular solution for smaller cockpits as well as hiking and fast-tacking applications. Each one is equipped with a push-button adjustment with a Torlon™ ball-locking mechanism and features a rugged, stainless steel swivel joint for extra-precise control. You can order your Spinlock Tiller Extension in a variety of cool colors from our store. We also offer the optional Diablo Universal Joint add-on, which is a good choice for single-handed yachtsman because it allows the joint to return to a vertical position when not in use.


  • Weight - 0.7kg (1.54lbs.)

  • Designed for the hardest conditions, to reduce the strain and increase the sheer enjoyment of helming.


  • Extends from 39 to 47 inches
  • Push-button adjustment wit Torlon ball locking mechanism
  • Stainless steel swivel joint for precise control
  • Removable fast pin for easy stowage
  • Integral shock absorber