Ronstan Series 22 End Stop, Alloy 48mm x 47mm, Silver

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Product Description

Ronstan Series 22 Series safety rail systems

Track rail end stop


  • Tested, certified and approved to a recognised European Union standard for fall protection equipment

  • Marine grade aluminium alloy cars, track rails and end stops, anodised for corrosion protection and long service life.

  • Recirculating Torlon® ball bearings for free running, low friction performance and low maintenance.

  • Grade 316 forged stainless steel pivoting shackles for lanyard attachment.

  • Rubber buffers for reduced vibration and to lift pivoting shackles away from car body for quick access.

  • Spring-loaded stainless steel plunger for simple, positive re-positioning at stop locations. Can be locked in the disengaged position to allow free movement along the track rail. The elliptical knob is easy to grip and turn, and indicates clearly whether the plunger is engaged or not

  • Also available in Series 30 and Series 30 Bent track solution.

    Length - 1 29/32 in

    Width - 1 27/32 in

    Weight - -

    Product information

    Track and car systems have long been used to provide a mobile attachment point for crew when cleaning the hull, superstructure and windows of large motor yachts and other vessels. For many years, the boat builders have used standard products from our catalogue and in some cases modified them to suit their requirements.

    With today’s greater awareness of workplace risks, boat builders and surveyors are seeking to ensure a high standard of safety by specifying that systems used for this purpose must be tested, certified and approved to a recognised European Union standard for fall protection equipment (EN795; 2012; Type D) and must display the CE mark.

    Ronstan welcomes and supports this approach, which can only improve the safety and security of the persons using these systems in their everyday work. In response to customer requests, we have developed a Safety Rail System which has been tested and certified by Lloyd’s Register. The product has immediately been accepted by our existing customers, and we are now offering it through our network of distributors.


  • This system provides a method of attachment for use in conjunction with personal protection equipment to protect against falls from a height, such as when working outside of conventional guardrails for cleaning and maintenance purposes. It shall not be used for lifting equipment or for any other purpose.