Peguet 3mm (7/64") Galvanized Steel Pear Shape Maillon Rapide Quick Link

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Product Description

Peguet 3mm (7/64") Galvanized Steel Pear Shape Maillon Rapide Quick Link

Pear shape: fitted with same nut opening as large opening quick links; its curved shape allows smooth connection of several parts together.


  • Diameter: 3MM or 7/64"

  • LT: 23.5mm

  • LI: 17.5mm

  • HT: 45.5mm

  • HI: 39.5mm

  • O: 8.5mm

  • E: 13.5mm

  • R1: 4.25mm

  • R2: 8.75mm

  • T: 4mm

  • Weight: 7g (0.0154 lbs)

  • Working Load: 32kg (70 lbs)

  • Breaking Load: 160kg (352 lbs)


  • Zinc Plated Steel

  • Rod: Steel FM-8, Standard AFNOR 35-051, EN10016-2

  • Nut: Steel A-42-FM, 11 SMR 30 (1.0715), EN 10087

  • Rod: custom-made steel used in surface processing, providing complete strength towards traction.

  • Nut: high safety steel (lead-free, systematic control carried out after drawing through Eddy currents and ultrasounds).

  • Surface processing made through electrolytic coating on the entire material (rod & nut).

    Tightening Torque:

    ط F 2,5 3,0 3,5 4,0 5,0 6,0 7,0 8,0 9,0 10,0 12,0 14,0 16,0 18,0 20,0

    Torque 0,15 0,30 0,60 0,70 0,80 1,20 2,50 3,00 4,50 7,00 9,00 12,00 18,00 30,00 40,00


  • Keep to the working load limit WLL engraved in kg.

  • Visual check of complete nut screwing compulsory; no thread must be showing.

  • Maillon Rapide quick links are only to be loaded along the major axis.

  • Maillon Rapide quick links should be carefully checked at regular intervals. If you are in any doubt about the safety of a quick link after checking, replace it with a new one.

  • When fastened with a wrench up to the proper tightening torque, Maillon Rapide quick links are considered a permanent connector.

  • Maillon Rapide should always be fitted with parts made of same material.

  • When connected with chain, Maillon Rapide quick links should be of the same diameter.

  • Never connnect any Maillon Rapide quick links onto a lifting chain.

  • Stainless steel Maillon Rapide quick links may be used in salt water.

  • P.P.E. EN 362 & EN 12275 Standards: Maillon Rapide quick links must be accopagnied by user instructions when sold or used as a connector on P.P.E. (Personal Protective Equipment).