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Harken 57mm Stanchion-Mount Block

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Harken 57mm Stanchion-Mount Block

Harken recommends equipping every system with Carbo lead blocks for safe furling from the cockpit. Use the 7401 or 7407 block on the bow pulpit as an inboard lead. 7401, 7402, 7405, and 7407 have ball-and-socket bases to align blocks for smooth leads aft.


  • Sheave Ø: 2 1/4 in (57 mm)

  • Weight: 5.2 oz (149 g)

  • Maximum line Ø: 3/8 in (10 mm)

  • Maximum working load: 500 lb (227 kg)

  • Use with: 1" (25 mm) stanchions

    DO NOT use Harken equipment for human suspension unless product is specifically certified and labeled for such use.

  • 3D drawing - IGS: 7407.igs (open/save)
    Photo - EPS: 7407.eps (open/save)
    Photo - JPG: 7407.jpg (open/save)