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Harken 57mm Aluminum Block - Swivel, Becket

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Harken 57mm Aluminum Block - Swivel, Becket

Description - The entire line of Black Magic® AirBlocks® has been redesigned with a sleek new look. Their unique, performance-packed engineering remains exactly the same. These strong, lightweight blocks feature free-rolling high-load Torlon® roller bearings for a high strength-to weight ratio.

Like all AirBlocks®, the three-way head swivels/locks in front/side positions. Blocks are easily disassembled with a single hex wrench.

Sheave Ø (mm) - 57

Sheave Ø (in) - 2 1/4

Length (mm) - 140

Length (in) - 5 1/2

Weight (g) - 166

Weight (oz) - 5.86

Shackle pin Ø (mm) - 6

Shackle pin Ø (in) - 1/4

Maximum line Ø (mm) - 12

Maximum line Ø (in) - 7/16

Maximum working load (kg) - 1134

Maximum working load (lb) - 2500

Breaking load (kg) - 2268

Breaking load (lb) - 5000