Dynamic Optimist Dolly

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Dynamic Optimist Dolly

Note: This dolly is designed specifically for the Optimist Sailboat and most other boats will not fit due to the small length and width of the Optimist.  If this dolly is purchased for a boat that is not an Optimist, it will not qualify for a return.

  • Wheels with Delrin® ball bearings for easy rolling on any surface

  • Tie-down eyelets on all handle and sling fittings to easily secure boat to dolly in storage, on trailers, and racks; and prevents bow slippage on ramps

  • Completely corrosion-proof and maintenance free

  • Strong; non-stretch polyester sling, ideal for boat storage and retrieval in wavy conditions

  • Round-cornered strong structural grade anodized aluminum frame

  • Large handle and balanced load make pulling easy

  • Noticeably light! Average weight 28 lbs/12.7 kg

  • Injection-molded tough glass-reinforced UV protected plastic joint components through-bolted

  • New AF3 with tie down hole.

  • Splice Tube at Axle. No more wing nuts!