Blacksmith Horizontal Carbon Fiber Wind Vane

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Blacksmith Horizontal Carbon Fiber Wind Vane

Bring your sailing experience to a new level ~ Davis Instruments introduces Blacksmith Wind Vanes, made from super lightweight 3D carbon fiber and duraluminum to withstand the rigors of hard racing.

HORIZONTAL is a dinghy race pro gooseneck wind vane for Laser, Finn, Banshee, Sunfish, Optimist, El Toro and Sabot. Feature precise balance – effective and efficient in 0.8 knot up to 40 knots wind conditions.

Handcrafted, calibrated and tested, they’re precision-balanced to be incredibly sensitive in breezes from 0.8 to 40 knots. Hi-tech black with yellow highlights, they stand out in both sunny and overcast skies. All models come with an American flag sticker that can be used to identify a US sailor at international competitions.

  • Handmade Dinghy Carbon Gooseneck Wind vane

  • 12×7.8 in / 30×20 cm

  • 0.8 oz / 25 g

  • 3D Carbon & Duraluminum

  • Adjustable Mast Clam