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Wichard Swivels By Application

Swivels "HR"

The outstanding technical characteristics of Wichard swivels mean they are the preferred option whenever the safety of crew or equipment is at stake. And this applies not only in the navy or on yachts, but also in diverse sectors such as the entertainment industry, the defense sector and the handling sector. When you are risking your life, you have the right to be demanding!

Rings and adjusters

Wichard's stainless steel rings and adjusters are hot drop forged from 316 L bent and welded. Forging is a far superior process, because it maintains the structural integrity of the metal and increases working load limits in the real world applications. Each part is polished and passivated to create a beautiful, yet durable surface that is highly resistant to corrosion. The "W in a pentagon" (Plus 316 L) mark stamped into every part is your assurance of Wichard quality.