Secure your rope like the pros with high-performance sailboat cleats from Atlantic Rigging Supply. Whether you want to replace your standard horn cleats for something extra-efficient or upgrade your weathered cam cleats with a brand-new style, Atlantic Rigging Supply has the cleats you need. We specialize in offering cleats for boats of all sizes by the best brands in the industry, including Harken, Ronstan and Schaefer. Shop cam cleats, swivel cleats, trigger cleats, V-cleats, clam cleats and more in this exceptional selection. Our knowledgeable team is always on hand to help you make the right cleat purchase.


Which type of cleat is best for your boat? It all depends. If you want to be able to accommodate several different rope widths and sheets, a cam cleat is a good choice. Harken Cam-Matic Cleats are some of our most popular cam cleats, as they feature an easy-open design for fast cleating in racing and cruising applications. Ronstan cam cleats, including the Ronstan C-Cleats and T-Cleats, are another top-notch choice for boats of all sizes. Each Ronstan cam cleat is made from corrosion-free, durable and lightweight carbon fiber to provide exceptional frictional resistance and a faster response time than ball bearings.

For something a bit different, explore our Spinlock cam cleats or Schaefer cam cleats. Schaefer's styles feature a flared entry for easier line engagement plus multiple rows of Delrin ball bearings for smoother operation. Spinlock's cam cleats (PXR cleats) provide a compact roller action to ensure easy release under high loads and have a hard, anodized alloy cam and base for the best compatibility with high-performance lines. Atlantic Rigging Supply also stocks V-cleats for your small control line that requires regular cleating and releasing as well as an assortment of cleat accessories that allow you to affordably rebuild and clean your boat's cleats.