Sailmon MAX Wind Sensor, Solar Powered, Bluetooth

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Sailmon MAX Wind Sensor, Solar Powered, Bluetooth

  • By connecting the wind sensor, you can get instant apparent & true wind readings.

  • . What's in the box:
    - Bluetooth, solar-powered and IPX8 pocket-sized ULTRASONIC anemometer. This self-powered Bluetooth 4.1 ULTRASONIC windmeter can work for 29 days without charging while measuring, and an entire year in sleep mode thanks to its solar panel.

    - Built with ULTRASONIC sensors, it will provide you with one of the greatest accuracies we have ever achieved in an anemometer. Allowing a continuous measurement of wind speed and direction.

    Easy mount
    16 mm (M16x2) female thread
    Diameter: 70 mm
    Height: 57 mm

    Wind Speed
    Range: 0 – 25 m/s
    Resolution: ±0.1 m/s at 10m/s

    Wind direction
    Range: 0 – 360º
    Resolution: ±1º

    Ultrasonic transducers (4x)
    Sample rate: 1, 4, 8 Hz

    Secondary sensors:
    Thermometer, Gyroscope, Accelerometer (Accuracy may vary depending upon the App used, its release and the firmware version)

    Solar panel, internal battery, automatic power management.
    Autonomy with no sunlight: in sleep mode up to 1 year, while measuring up to ~30 days.

    Version: 4.0 or beyond
    Range: Up to 30 m (free space)

    Firmware Upgradable (Learn more) Current version: 0.76