Harken Industrial Rigging Winch 200

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Harken Industrial Rigging Winch 200

The Riggers Winch provides the user with a lightweight, CE certified, portable winch mounted to a sturdy adapter plate. Can be mounted to a tripod. Simple to use and ideal for a diverse range of lifting and load pulling applications. The pigtail line lead ensures correct alignment and loading for maximum efficiency.

Winches feature 17-4 PH high-strength stainless steel load-carrying gears and pins for durability. Packages include a universal mounting plate, Harken 10-inch winch handle, and a Harken winch 20.

Simple to use and ideal for diverse applications.

  • Utility masts

  • Telecoms

  • Marine

  • Wind turbine transition piece davits

  • Stage and theater rigging

  • Construction

  • Confined space

  • Access and rescue

    Riggers winch 200 includes: Universal mounting plate, 20 Harken Winch and Harken 10" Winch Handle


  • Minimum line Ø (mm) 6 mm

  • Minimum line Ø (in) 1/4 in

  • Maximum line Ø (mm) 12 mm

  • Maximum line Ø (in) 1/2 in

  • Weight (kg) 4 kg

  • Weight (lb) 8.8 lb

  • Maximum working load (kN) 2 kN

  • Maximum working load (kg) 200 kg

  • Maximum working load (lb) 441 lb


    The mounting plate is sculpted to remove excess weight and provides multiple attachment points without compromising strength. The pigtail line lead ensures correct alignment and loading of the winch for maximum efficiency.

    Fiber Rope

    The winch is designed for use with fiber rope up to 12 mm in diameter, reducing weight and allowing alignment to the load. Smooth surfaces and chafe-free design are amenable to fiber rope.


    For use with multiple attachments depending on the environment and industry—from ratchet straps, M10 bolts, karabiners, to scaffold clamps.


    CE certified under EN 13157 (Machinery Directive), please see Specification Tab for load details.


    Q: What is the maximum line operating length?

    A: There is no maximum line length for use with the Riggers Winch. The pigtail allows the line to be installed without feeding the end of the line through.

    Q: Is the Riggers Winch suitable for human suspension?

    A: In accordance with Directive 2009/104/EC persons may be lifted only by means of work equipment and accessories provided for that purpose. Without prejudice to Article 5 of Directive 89/391/EC, exceptionally, work equipment which is not specifically designed for the purpose of lifting persons may be used for that purpose, provided appropriate action has been taken to ensure safety in accordance with national legislation and/or practice providing for appropriate supervision.

    Q: Is the kit supplied with the attachment fittings?

    A: No. Attachments and fittings are dependent on operational use. The Harken Tech Team can provide advice on the best attachment solution.

    Q: Can I service my own Riggers Winch?

    A: Yes. However, service and winch maintenance must be in accordance with the Harken service instructions and using Harken-approved replacement parts and consumables.

    Warnings and Instructions

  • Maximum rated load for lifting & pulling load applications

    200 kg / 441 lbs (coefficient ratio 5:1 of breaking load).

    You must carefully read, understand, and follow all of the warnings and instructions in the User Manual provided by Harken in order to avoid an accident. Never, under any circumstances, exceed the maximum rated load.


    Harken Riggers Winch 200 Manual

    Harken Riggers Winch 200 Data Sheet