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Harken Industrial 57mm Stainless Steel Round Standard Padeye

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Harken Industrial 57mm Stainless Steel Round Standard Padeye

The IN627 17-4PH stainless steel round anchorage point is designed to be permanently installed on a structure so that an anchor device, or personal protective equipment can be attached to it, facilitating safe working at height. It is large enough to allow free movement of attachments and will accommodate carabiners. Tested to EN795:2012 CLASS A. The padeye is appropriate for single-person use for both fall arrest and rope access with an energy absorber to EN 355.


  • A (mm) 57 mm

  • A (in) 2 1/4 in

  • C (mm) 27 mm

  • C (in) 1 1/16 in

  • D (mm) 30 mm

  • D (in) 1 3/16 in

  • E (mm) 30 mm

  • E (in) 1 3/16 in

  • F (mm) 16 mm

  • F (in) 5/8 in

  • G (mm) 24 mm

  • G (in) 1 5/16 in

  • Weight (g) 118 g

  • Weight (oz) 4.16 oz

  • Maximum rated load (kN) 8.75 kN

  • Breaking load (kN) 35 kN

  • Fasteners (mm) 6 FH mm

  • Fasteners (in) 1/4 FH in

  • Fall arrest 1 user

  • Human suspension 1 user


    Click here for Padeye User Manual

    Click here for Padeye Data Sheet