Andersen #12ST Self-Tailing Single Speed Stainless Steel Winch

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Andersen #12ST Self-Tailing Single Speed Stainless Steel Winch

Experience Empowerment

  • The ANDERSEN name is synonymous with precision, reliability and the ability to adapt to any situation. For our customers, this adds up to pure empowerment, allowing you to manage your sails and your boat with the utmost efficiency. Self-tailing winches with the ANDERSEN name are supremely trustworthy, allowing you to focus on sailing.

  • All ANDERSEN Winches feature stainless steel Power Rib drums that ensure a smooth surface and a corrosion-free winch that is built to last. ANDERSEN Self-Tailing Winches extend the service life of your sheets and halyards and the winch itself, since the Power Rib and the smooth surface of the drum require fewer turns compared to other winches. In addition, the self-tailing device is designed to accommodate a number of different of sheet and halyard sizes - enabling the winch to serve many different purposes and providing you with a range of products to choose from, no matter what you sail. A special option for ANDERSEN Winches is a choice of having your own winch titanium-coated whichever matches your boat. This means that the surface of your ANDERSEN Winch will never show wear and tear.


  • Winch Model - #12 ST

  • "D" Drum Diameter - 70 mm (2 3/4")

  • "B" Base Diameter - 115 mm (4 1/2")

  • "H" Height - 130 mm (5")

  • "L" Line entry height - 44 mm (1 3/4")

  • Line size - 8 - 14 mm (5/16" - 9/16")

  • Weight - 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs)

  • Gear Ratio 1st speed - 1.3 : 1

  • Gear Ratio 2nd speed - N/A

  • Power Ratio 1st speed - 9.5 : 1

  • Power Ratio 2nd speed - N/A

  • Service Kit - Kit 18

  • Manual - 12ST ver. 3.0