Atlantic Rigging Supply has all the shackles you could ever need for your sailboat, from standard D shackles for your reefing system to trigger-release styles dedicated to spinnaker operations on racing boats. All of our shackles are manufactured using high-tech, marine-grade materials by the most trusted sailing hardware makers, including Harken, Ronstan, Tylaska and Wichard. Here you'll find everyday basics like a reliable Ronstan snap shackle plus hard-hitting Tylaska snap shackles and spool shackles for impressive performance in both racing and cruising applications. We can always assist you with finding the perfect option for your individual needs and budget.


Equip your vessel with D shackles made from high-performance materials from Atlantic Rigging Supply. These shackles come in self-locking, high-resistance and titanium styles to suit your specific needs. These very versatile shackles are the ideal options for spinnaker pole bridles, reefing systems, halyards and more, and can also be used for blocks, deck hardware and even anchors. We have an assortment of forged D shackles made from hard-wearing stainless steel as well as titanium shackles made from titanium alloy for high-level racing applications. We also supply bow shackles, long shackles, twist shackles, halyard shackles and more.

For something a bit more cutting-edge, make sure to check out our selection of Tylaska Spool Shackles that are uniquely designed to replace the centuries-old knot. These shackles work well with both conventional and high-tech lines and feature a high-impact polycarbonate base for exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. Additionally, we carry Tylaska and Wichard snap shackles and trigger shackles in this selection. Tylaska Snap Shackles provide extra room for attaching a line but feature a lighter design to keep weight low. These are a good choice for halyards and sheets. Wichard Trigger Snap Shackles are made of highly resistant steel or titanium for the best combination of strength and performance, making them a popular choice among racers. This style features a quick-release mechanism that can be opened manually or with a fid.