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Equiplite Furling Drums & Swivels

Stay in the lead with Equiplite's strong ultra Lightweight Carbon Loop Furling Drum System Equiplite Furling Systems using DSK 75 ULTRA loops to take the loads directly through the center of the bearing.

Sealed steel bearings give less friction in the total system. Tack as low as possible on deck. They typically weigh at least 60 % less than competitive assemblies of the same load.

High-strength material, low friction, impact resistant

The sheave and top swivels are high-strength alloys with Carbon fiber drums. And have unmatched performance.

Stands up to salt, sun and long-term wear

The carbon body is UV protected. DSK 75 ULTRA is full UV resisting and has an extra cover protection for chafe, coated with a special developed UV coating.


The combination of our high quality roller bearing and DSK 75 ULTRA loops that take the loads directly through the center of the bearing, give the most efficient, lightest and long-lasting furler.

Lightest furler lock system

After furling the code 0 | stay sail with 4/5 turns with the sheet around the sail, you can lock the furler.

This way you can clean up the sail and set up the sail without it unfurling.